How it works

The fuel consists of molecules which have their own magnetic field and movement. These molecules are not aligned correctly, so they don't combine with oxygen at the combustion stage.

In their normal state, fuel molecules are in vapor form and flow at the fuel line in large clusters. When the fuel passes through the magnetic field of the super fuel saver these molecules are realigned and ionized, resulting in separated clusters. The hydrocarbons change their orientation. Hence, more molecules are mixed with air, resulting to improved combustion.

The improved combustion, increases the power of the engine, and the fuel consumption is decreased. In addition, when the fuel is ionized, the carbon remains at the combustion chamber are reduced. Thus, the engine life is increased. Improving the fuel combustion, the amount of non-burned hydrocarbons, and the CO emission from the exhaust pipe is decreased.This helps the environment. All this, is done with the help of the Neodymium magnets of 17,000 gauss.